Decluttering your home, mind and body!

January seems like a great time to Declutter, fresh starts and all that! Visual clutter can be a source of great anxiety and stress, and remind you that there's also something that needs to be done around the home. Clear work space, clear mind, right? Sometimes it's really hard to let things go when you just get used to them being around - but its important to really think about, is this serving a purpose, do I need it, and even better - do I even want this in my space?

But this doesn't just apply to your home, how about spending some time this month decluttering the mind and body too? Here are some simple ways to apply decluttering to your entire life this New Year - and throughout the year;

1. Start with your wardrobe.

If you haven't worn it in a year, it's time for it to go. If it's too big, too small, or doesn't fit right, let it go. Is it damaged or broken? Either put it aside to fix, or repurpose, or let it go. And, make sure that it does get fixed - give yourself a time frame. If you haven't fixed or taken it to a tailor in a certain amount of time, are you ever going to? Let it go. Should you sell or donate? This comes down to a case of money versus time. If the stuff is stressing you out, and you know that you don't really have time to photograph it and list it on eBay, let it go. There are shops that will pay by the kilo for second hand clothing, but you get pennies. If possible, take it to a charity shop and let it find a new home.

2. The junk drawer.

Everyone has one of these. Again, if you've not used it in a year, let it go. If it's rubbish, let it go. You don't need to save takeaway menus when the information can easily be found online. If the stuff is useful, think about storage solutions. Maybe one of those draw trays would be useful? This is a quick job that can be done in less than half an hour, but if its in a place you see every day, can make a difference!