What is Yoga?

There are many different stems of yoga, but Hatha is known as 'the route of yoga.' My classes include a relaxation period, warm up and mobilisation, the main poses or asanas, and a guided meditation to help you relax and enjoy the energy you've just created. 

Can anyone do Yoga?

No experience is necessary, and poses can be modified to suit different fitness levels, injuries and flexibilities. You don't need to be super flexible to start yoga and classes will only improve this! If you have a health condition you should always talk to your GP before starting a fitness regime. Yoga is not a competition and it is not a religion. 

When are the classes?

Classes resume from Tuesday 18th May at the Amethyst Cave in Southbourne, 7-8pm. 

How much are classes and how do I book? 

Sessions are £7.50 and can be booked here

What should I wear?

Make sure you are comfortable and wear clothes that do not restrict your movement. Gym / sports leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms are perfect. Bring a jumper and socks as your body will cool down during the final meditation. 

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