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September Goals

September always seems like a good place for a fresh start! Starting the new term of school or uni, going back to work after your summer holiday maybe, or the turn of the weather and the impending colder season. Personally, I love the crispness and beautiful colours of Autumn, the excuse to buy fancy new stationary and the darker evenings that make it OK to burn beautiful candles. (I love Happy Place Cosmetics handmade and vegan ones!)

September is a great time to review your goals - where have you got to with those New Year's resolutions? Do you need to review or remake them? Perhaps you want to try a new class, learn something new, finish that book you've been meaning to read all year, or loose a little weight before Christmas?

This month, I want to make more time for my meditation sessions, finish two books that I recently got in a book exchange, and make sure I get to the gym twice a week! I feel like I'm a whole new person since the start of the year, and I'm excited about what this new season has to bring!

If you'd like to try something new this month, how about trying a new class? My new yoga class started at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Southbourne on Tuesday! It's a really lovely hall and a lovely class! Classes are kept small and perfectly arranged :) To see what deals I have on, and to book, click here! If you want to shift a little bit of weight and am finding it tough, contact me to get your own personalised plan for only £30! Valid for September only.

Have a good month, and let me know what your goals will be! SaveSaveSave

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