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Swedish Style

Myself and Ian recently spent 4 days in beautiful Denmark and Sweden, visiting friends, and exploring! I've always fancied going to the Nordic countries and we both really loved it there - I could definitely imagine living there myself, especially in Copenhagen! I loved the clean, fresh air, the efficiency and how everything just worked, the ease to be vegan and find good food, the friendliness of everyone we met, the fact that the cities weren't ridiculously busy, and that it was really easy to be eco friendly. (Plus the tradition of a morning coffee break with cake - or 'fika'!)

Bottles were recycled, and if you took them back to the shop you recently a discount, recycling bins were everywhere, everyone carried reusable tote bags and coffee cups, and even the toiletries used in restaurants were organic and in glass bottles. We stayed with our friends for a night and I also took notice of how they lived - carrying reusable water bottles, using safety razors instead of plastic ones, and that the only had a tiny amount of 'rubbish' each month - every thing else was recycled and reused.

This got me thinking about how we live our lives - we recycle, I try to remember my tote bags, reusable coffee cup and Bobble bottle, I try to support local businesses, I shop in charity shops, and I'm vegan, which definitely helps reduce my impact on the environment, BUT I feel I can definitely do better!

So, I'm really focusing on reducing my plastic use, reusing, not wasting even a scrap of food and getting creative in the kitchen, and changing up my toiletries - as I'm running out, I've bought a solid shampoo and conditioner from lush, which come as a bar of soap, so no packaging, I bought organic moisturiser in a glass jar, and I'm doing my research on a metal razor when my current one runs out. I also have a (second hand) copy of No Impact Man, which I'll be rereading this snow day!

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