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ra ma da sa say se so hung

A few people this week have asked me about the song I've been using for Savasana recently, Ra Ma Da Say by Snatum Kaur.

'Ra Ma Da Sa Say Se So Hung' is a powerful mantra used in Kundalini Yoga, used for healing. A mantra is a word or sentence which is repeated over and over - the idea is that the mind is focused on this mantra, so any thoughts or worries playing on the mind are temporarily forgotten. Mantras can be used in Yoga and Meditation for this purpose.

Ra Ma Da Sa Say Se So Hung

Ra - The Sun. The Sun symbolises bringing life, and energy. Without the sun, there would be no life at all on our Earth.

Ma - The Moon. The Moon symbolises cooling and healing. The sun and the moon help balance each other out, and we are always looking for balance in yoga.

Da - The Earth - grounding and stabilising.

Sa - The Air, or Infinity. Draw your energy out into the Universe,

Say - A repetition of Sa, when you chant a second time you're drawing inside back internally, accepting the Universe's energy.

Se - All Encompassing - Totality.

So - Personal sense of identity.

Hung - The infinite, the essence of creation.

Naturally, the sound of the breathe is So (Inhale) and Hung (Exhale). During meditation, it can be nice focus on these two words whilst following the breath - this can help keep the mind focused if you find you have a lot of energy or thoughts, or are feeling distracted. So Hung = I am Thou.

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