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Sugar Free February

I'm currently 13 days into Sugar Free February - and so far, so good! I've done No Sugar before, but usually only for a week or so in December in anticipation of all the goodies ready for Christmas!

This time I'm maybe not being as strict, I have been having raw Nakd bars here and there, and raw chocolate, although which doesn't contain any processed sugar, sometimes has sugar in other forms, such as coconut or agave. (Find my recipe for Raw Millionaire's Shortbread here)

But, I've also focused on eating more fresh fruit and veg, less processed foods, and making sauces from scratch. As a vegan, I'm usually pretty healthy in my diet but have noticed more ready meals and 'faux meat's creeping in recently, so its been good to scale those back again.

I definitely feel better, I've lost a few pounds, and I feel much less bloated. Is anyone else doing the challenge, and how are you getting on?

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