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Happy Fair Trade Day!

Fair Trade Day is on Saturday 14th May, and to celebrate, I wanted to share some of my favourite brands with you. What better way to support a great cause then to partake in some retail therapy?

People Tree have worked with Fair Trade farmers for over 20 years and aim to be 100% Fair Trade. They make a beautiful range of Men and Women’s clothing including collaborations with designers such as Sandra Rhodes and Peter Jenson. With materials including organic cotton and hand woven, hand knitted and hand made clothing and jewellery, you can treat yourself to something truly gorgeous that looks and feels great!

Noctu make beautiful, ethical lounge and night wear (which no-one will judge you for if you happen to wear it to the supermarket!). All of their cotton products are Fair Trade certified, simple and brilliantly designed and cut. You’re sure to sleep well knowing you’re supporting a brilliant cause!

Gather and See is a genius collection of carefully selected brands from around the world. with over 15 brands to choose from there is definitely something for everyone, including clothing, other wear, accessories and jewellery. This is more of a luxury collection, so ideal for that special occasion or perfect for thoughtful gifts.


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