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How to win at 2017

Is it February already? This year has gone super fast, and I feel like I have achieved loads, but at the same time, not much at all! I'm in the middle of buying my first home, I've just booked my dream trip (Nepal, India and Sri Lanka for the big 3-0) and I'm planning new yoga classes for the year ahead. I feel pretty inspired and motivated at the moment, but I know that that feeling doesn't always last! Some days it can be hard to eat well and exercise, especially during these dark and colder days.

So how can we win at 2017?

Practice self love. Whether that's curling up with a cup of tea, trying out a new yoga class, or going for a swim follow by a well deserved sauna session, be gentle to yourself. Listen to music, light a candle, have a bath and an early night. Realise that you are the perfect version of you, right now.

Set realistic goals. Focus on loosing pounds, not stone, gaining strength rather then loosing weight, adding in healthy foods rather then feeling deprived. Find new versions of your favourite treats. Cook from scratch and ditch the ready meals. To quote Rachel Brathen, yoga girl, the goal of yoga is not the handstand.

Find an exercise you enjoy. Try out a new yoga class. Join a running group. Try an instagram challenge! Make it fun and look forward to moving your body and loving yourself. Put yourself first and make time for yourself. You are important and you are needed. If all else fails, fake a smile. Eventually you will start to believe it!

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